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General Questions About Our Programs and Services.
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1 What types of programs and services do you offer? Administrator 4175
2 Where are you located? Administrator 4531
3 I was just arrested for DUI - What happens next? Administrator 1648
4 How do I enroll in your program? Administrator 8620
5 Can I enroll before being convicted? Administrator 4568
6 What about cost? Administrator 5449
7 Can I take my DUI classes online? Administrator 20084
8 How often do I have to attend, and how long is each class? Administrator 4965
9 I have to miss a class, what happens? Administrator 4304
10 The court only ordered me to a 3 month program, why is it taking longer to complete? Administrator 2951
11 How can I reinstate my driver's license? Administrator 42524
12 I got my DUI in another state, can you help? Administrator 4034
13 I’m currently enrolled in the program and was just arrested for another DUI, what do I do? Administrator 1741
14 I'm under house arrest, can I still attend class? Administrator 3650
15 What else do I need to know about your program? Administrator 4175
16 How can I find self help meetings to attend? Administrator 6500
17 I've been dismissed from the program, what should I do? Administrator 4574
18 I've been asked to attend a MADD panel, how do I find one? Administrator 5823
19 I have a question you did not answer here, how can I learn more? Administrator 2984
20 What other substance use resources are out there? Administrator 2346