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The Awareness Group provides programs to satisfy the court and/or Department of Motor Vehicles for both First and Multiple DUI offenders. Our Penal Code (PC) 1000 program fulfills court ordered Drug Diversion requirements.

We also offer a low-cost outpatient education and treatment service named after our founder--Howard Bibby. Howard's Group can be tailored to match the needs of each individual participant, whether it is to satisfy an agency or to voluntarily explore one's own drug/alcohol use or abuse. Howard's Group is approved to provide Outpatient Drug Free services to Medi-Cal consumers. All DUI and PC1000 services are offered at our Indio and Palm Springs locations. Howard's Group Outpatient Drug Free services are offered at the Indio location only.

We also provide drug testing/breathalyzer services to monitor sobriety.

Go to Program Descriptions for more details. Or contact us for more information.