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Per California state DUI program regulations, the DUI program shall dismiss from the program any participant who:
  • Fails to participate in required program activities within 21 days of transfer to another licensed DUI program
  • Fails to maintain program sobriety
  • Fails to comply with additional county requirements which have been established by the county alcohol and drug program administrator and approved by the state
  • Fails to attend program services for 21 days or longer without obtaining a leave of absence (the "21 day rule"). Accruing three absences in a row.
  • Exceeds the number of allowed absences
    • 12 hour education (SB1176): 2 allowed absences
    • 30 hour program (AB541): 5 allowed absences
    • 9 month program (AB1353): 7 allowed absences
    • 18 month program (SB38): 10 allowed absences
    • PC 1000 program: 5 allowed absences
  • Fails to resume attending program activities within 21 days of the scheduled return from a leave of absence
  • Is physically or verbally abusive or acts in a threatening manner to DUI program staff or DUI program participants
  • Failure to pay program fees
If the participant was attending the program as a condition of probation or in accordance with a court order, the DUI program shall notify the court that the participant was dismissed from the program. The DUI program shall also notify the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In order to receive credit for classes attended, the participant must reinstate within two years of dismissal. If a participant is out of the program for longer than two years, he or she will start a new program with no credit for prior classes attended.

If you are dismissed from the program, it is very important that you contact the agency that referred you immediately. If your conviction was in Riverside County and you were referred by the Indio branch of the Riverside County Drinking Driver Program, call them at (760) 863-8471 for further information.

The DMV will re-suspend a restricted license if a notice of non-compliance is filed. In most cases the DMV will not reissue a driver's license until the program is reinstated and completed. Call DMV Mandatory Actions (MAU) with any further questions at