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Yes! You can enroll in the program before being convicted of DUI in court. If your case is set to be heard by a court in Riverside County you will need to report to the County Drinking Driver Program (DDP) before we can enroll you. You can contact them at (760) 863-8471 in Indio. Be sure to provide them with your complete driving and criminal history and inform them of the specifics regarding your case (Blood Alcohol Content, date of arrest, refusal to test, etc.).

When you enroll with the DDP, let them know you would like to attend classes at The Awareness Program and specify whether you would prefer to attend class in Indio or Palm Springs; they will refer you to us and you can begin your classes.

Please be aware that The Awareness Group cannot be held responsible if you are referred to the wrong program and additional fees may be collected if you start the incorrect program and need to be changed after you are convicted.

It is also vital that you maintain contact with the County Drinking Driver Program and report back to them after you are convicted so they can update your case information and provide proof of enrollment to the Riverside County Superior Court. If you do not report back to their office within two days of conviction it is possible that an arrest warrant will be issued, even if you are attending  your DUI education classes.

Upon enrollment we will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles and you may begin the process of applying for a restricted driver's license. We have no power over DMV licensing and they may require you to serve a mandatory suspension period before a restricted license is issued. Contact the Mandatory Actions Unit at (916) 657-6525 for further information.