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No, DUI classes cannot be taken online by California residents. Only approved DUI programs licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services will be recognized by The Department of Motor Vehicles. California DMV does not recognize online DUI Schools and will not reinstate a driver's license if an online program is completed.

We submit proof of enrollment and completion to DMV immediately upon entering or finishing the program, ensuring you can regain your driving privilege as soon as possible. The DMV may take up to 72 hours to process your enrollment/completion so please call DMV Mandatory Actions before going to the DMV field office to make sure everything is in order.

Some online DUI programs claim they are accepted by the California DMV but this is NOT true. The California DMV will not accept an online SB38, AB1353, AB762, SB1176, or AB541 DUI program and The Awareness Group cannot give credit for classes completed at an online DUI program.

The state of California has determined that all Driving Under the Influence classes must be held in person, no part of a DUI program can be done online.

For more information see these
Frequently Asked Questions from the California DMV.

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