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Because DUI and PC1000 are court ordered programs, your attendance is very important. Your classes should have high priority and we encourage you to make every effort to complete your program without any absences. We know emergencies and other conflicts may arise so each program is allowed a certain number of absences. This number depends on the program you are enrolled in and is determined by the State of California.

Allowed Absences:

SB1176 (Wet Reckless) 2
AB541 (30 hour) 5
AB1353 (9 month) 7
SB38 (18 month) 10
PC1000 (Drug Diversion) 5

There is a $20 missed activity fee for each absence. The class will be made up at the end of your program.

Please keep in mind the "21 day rule": a participant in the program may not go 21 days or more without attending a program service. Although you are allowed more than 3 absences for some programs, three absences in a row is grounds for program dismissal.