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The Awareness Program and other CADTP DUI PROGRAMS are here to help you satisfy the court and DMV requirements. We will help you regain your driver’s license and avoid future DUI arrests.

During the program you will...

Explore your use of alcohol and/or drugs and understand your risks.
Learn how to keep yourself and others safe if you choose to continue drinking or using other drugs.
Reduce the chances that you will drive after drinking or using drugs.
Make more informed choices about alcohol or other drug use.


Some online DUI programs will promise you that if you pay them, you will get your license back. That is never true in California! There are no State Certified online programs that satisfy the California DMV.

What happens after your arrest?
In Riverside county:
After your arrest and conviction the Court will send you to the Riverside County Drinking Driver Program.
In other counties: the Court may send you directly to a
DUI program.
You must enroll with the County Drinking Driver Program (DDP) by the date the Judge gives you so that DDP can tell the Judge that you are enrolled.
The DDP has to tell the judge if you do or do not get enrolled by the deadline date. Failure to comply may result in a warrant being issued.
The DDP will refer you to a State Certified DUI Program based on where you live and want to attend classes.
The DUI program will tell the DDP and DMV you are enrolled. DMV may then let you have your driving privilege back.
You complete the DUI program and a certificate of completion for the Court and DMV will be submitted.


Conviction Referral Enroll Attend Triumph Exit

Follow these steps and CREATE a new beginning in your life! Every CADTP DUI program will let the court and DMV know when you enroll and when you complete. The programs are also required to tell the court and the DMV if you don’t enroll or if you don’t complete the program, which leads to more problems.

CADTP DUI Programs consist of individual sessions, group sessions, and attendance of self-help meetings (requirements vary by County). We will help you look at your use of alcohol and/or drugs and make healthy, safe choices for your future.

How long is a DUI program? It depends on how many DUIs you have, if someone was injured or killed, and how much you had to drink or use. The judge will refer you to one of these programs:

12-Hour SB1176 education only (under .08 BAC) "wet-reckless"
3-Month AB541 First DUI Program (.08-.15 BAC)
6-Month First DUI Program (.15-.19 BAC) (Not used in Riverside County)
9-Month AB11353 First DUI Program (.20 BAC or greater)
18-Month SB38 Multiple DUI Program (More than one DUI in the last 10 years)
30-Month DUI Program (More than 2 DUIs in the last 10 years, or someone got killed) The 30-Month Program is not used by Riverside County.

For more information visit  www.dhcs.ca.gov or www.dmv.ca.gov

The Awareness Program and CADTP do not provide legal services or legal advice. For legal services or advice you should contact an attorney.