Drug Diversion (PC1000) PDF Print E-mail

Individuals granted a Deferred Entry of Judgment (PC1000) must complete a 16 week program to satisfy the court, consisting of: 

  • 30 Minutes - Enrollment Interview
  • 20 Hours - Education
  • 30 Minutes - Mid-Program Individual Session
  • 10 Hours - Group Counseling
  • 30 Minutes - Exit Interview

Enrollment Fee: $70

Weekly Payment: $27

The Penal Code 1000 program typically replaces jail time with drug education classes--"Drug Diversion." All participants must be referred by a court. For more information on enrolling please Contact Us.

Our PC 1000 program is approved by Riverside County and will satisfy many courts across the state of California. If you were convicted in Riverside County you may enroll in our program with your court referral. If you were convicted outside of Riverside County but need to attend PC1000 classes in Riverside County then you may need to ask your court of conviction to approve our program. California residents may not take an online PC 1000 program.

We offer PC 1000 at our Indio and Palm Springs offices. All PC1000 participants attend once a week for two hours.

We will notify the court of your enrollment and completion of the program. Successfully completing the diversion program will typically result in the charges being erased from your record (as long as all other probation requirements are met). Please contact your court of conviction for further details. Penal Code 1000 (PC1000) can be read here. Although we provide PC1000 classes, The Awareness Group does not provide legal counsel; we recommend consulting with an attorney or public defender to ensure you fully understand the PC1000 program.